How to Teach Your Dog to Come to You and Not Run Away

Have you ever noticed your dog suddenly running when on a walk? No matter how much you call it, it will not come back. Many pet owners get startled by this behavior and worry for their dogs. You can prevent this behavior with dog training in Los Angeles and teach your dog to run toward you. 

Why Won’t My Dog Come When Called?

There are many reasons your pet may not come to you when called. Given below are a few:

You Punished Your Dog in the Past

Sometimes, you may get frustrated when your pet doesn’t come to you when called. You may have previously scolded or punished your dog for this frustration. Scolding or getting angry with your dog for not listening to you will only push it further away when you call it. The dog will remember this behavior and think you will get upset with it when it comes close to you. Even if you are irritated with the dog’s unresponsiveness, don’t sound irritated or angry when you call it. You must train your dog to think running to you is good. 

The Dog is Trained to Respond and Come in Limited Environments

Dogs don’t generalize behavior well. Your dog’s initial training probably occurred in a dog training facility and a few rooms in your house. It probably understands that it must respond and run to you in those environments. Even if your dog ran to you in familiar environments, it might not be able to understand that it needs to run to you in new locations. 

You Sounded Angry When You Called Out to Your Dog

If your dog thinks you sounded angry when you called out at it, it may run in the opposite direction. No one is keen to respond to an angry voice. Your voice will tell your dog that you are upset or angry. It will not run to you when it hears your angry voice.

The Word “Come” Indicates the End of Fun for the Dog

Your dog may think the word “come” means the fun is over. It could mean leaving the dog park, going into the dog crate because you have to head out, or stopping chasing squirrels, all of which your dog likes doing. Your dog will not respond to you if you always have in the past ended the dog’s playtime after calling it.

The Dog Won’t Understand The Word Till It Is Repeated Multiple Times

If you have used the word “come” multiple times in a sentence in the past, the dog will not react till it hears the same word multiple times again. It won’t understand that it is supposed to run to you when it hears the word “come.” 

Which Breed of Dog is Most Likely to Run?

While each dog behaves differently, hunting dogs, guard dogs, and other dogs from the herding group are more likely to run when called. Common breeds include:

  • German Shepherds
  • Border Collies
  • Aussies
  • Heelers
  • Great Pyrenees
  • Huskies

Which Breeds of Dogs are Less Likely to Run?

The dogs that are less likely to run away from you when you call them are:

  • Pugs
  • Maltese
  • Pomeranians
  • Shih Tzus
  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
  • Maltipoo
  • Toy Puddles

Tips to Teach Your Dog to Run to You Than Away

While it can be upsetting to see your dog run away from you when you call it, there are many ways to try and reverse this behavior. Given below are a few tips to teach your dog to run to you when called:

Don’t Chase It

While it may be against your instinct, don’t chase your dog when it runs away from you. Most of the time, you won’t be able to outrun it. If your dog fears you, it will run farther and not come to you. Your dog may also think the chasing is a part of a game and run more. The ideal thing to do is turn the game of chase around. Convince your dog to run after you. This behavior is also fun for the dog. Try carrying a treat or a toy with you, so the dog notices and runs after you. You can even get into your car if the dog likes to travel. 

Use the Recall Word

You would have trained your dog to respond to an emergency recall word when it was still a puppy. Choose a recall word that is short and clear. This word or phrase will immediately cue it to come running towards you irrespective of the stimuli. Use this word when you want your dog to run towards you. Avoid using this word in everyday conversations. 

Stay Positive and Calm

You may get tempted to scream and run behind your dog when it runs away from you. Resist this urge and stay calm in the situation. Running towards the dog will either scare it or excite it further. Try not to panic when your dog runs away. Use your happy voice to call it back. If your dog thinks you are angry, it will stay away and not come to you.

Stop the Running

While getting your dog to run back to you is ideal, it will need the dog to stop and turn around, which can be difficult. Instead, teach your dog to stop and lie down. It is easier for the dog to drop than turn around and run back. You can pretend to sit down quickly yourself or pretend to play with your dog’s favorite toy to tempt it to come to you.

Should I Punish My Dog For Running Away?

It would be best if you did not punish your dog for running away. It will link the punishment with coming back to you. One way to avoid your dog running away is to keep it on a leash or put a collar or harness around it. Leave the dog alone in a secure area. offers professional dog and puppy training. We can help your dog with confidence-building exercises, behavior modification, physical conditioning, and off-site training. We offer obedience training, board training, and private training as well.

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