How to Train a Dog to Pee Only Outside

You might assume that it would be hard to train a dog to pee outside, and in some cases, it may be! But with time and patience, your pup will soon be relieving themselves at their preferred spot. Los Angeles private dog training can be an excellent idea if you’d like your furry friend to be trained by a professional. But, here are a few tips provided by the experts:

Build a Routine for Your Dog

The biggest key to training a dog to pee outside is developing a routine. You need to pick up your pup every day at the same time and take them outside for them to do their business. You should also feed your dog at the same time every day, in the same location. This will help your dog become accustomed to their routine, which they can follow even while they are still puppies. In addition to this, you should choose a certain place for your dog to pee outside. Choose a place where your dog will feel comfortable and familiar, as they can recognize their territory. 

Keep Your Dog Motivated

You also need to motivate your dog to pee outside. You can do this by giving them treats on their designated spot, treats that you have filled before you go for your trip outside. You can also use simple techniques to get your dog to recognize their spot and be able to pee there. For instance, you can place a short leash on your dog and yank them if they are about to urinate or poop in the wrong spot. Keep your dog motivated by always praising them whenever they do their business at the correct place. 

Incorporate Crate Training

If you have a puppy, it is important to integrate crate training into their training. This will make the transition easier for your dog, as they will not be exposed to a new environment with which they are not familiar. This will also encourage your puppy to pee on their designated spot as opposed to urinating in inappropriate places. Once your pup is older, you can also take them out of the crate more often. This will help them become familiar with their surroundings and will help them to recognize their designated peeing spot.

 Deal With Accidents

Accidents happen! Sometimes, especially at the beginning,  your dog may not be able to identify the place where they should pee. Your dog may also be in a temporary panic and will not be able to go. In such cases, it is important to clean up the mess as soon as you can. Remember not to yell at your puppy as they are still in the process of learning how to pee outside. If you do yell, they will feel that they have failed and may continue to pee in inappropriate places. Sometimes your dog may be suffering from problems like urinary tract infections or urinary incontinence that may cause them to pee in the wrong place. Just be careful and consult a vet to know more.

Training a dog to pee outside is one of the most important things that people need to know. However, it can be frustrating and confusing for both the dog owner and the dog. It is important, though, to train your puppy, this will make everything easier in many ways. It might take time, but you are sure to succeed if you follow the tips explained above. You can also visit to learn more about dog training


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