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As a dog owner, you want to communicate with your pet effectively. You want to understand your dog’s issues and needs so you can respond to them appropriately. This proper communication cannot happen, though, if your dog is not well trained to communicate. Due to job demands and time limits, it becomes almost impossible to train your dog. Thankfully, companies like ours has your back!

K9 Answers Los Angeles dog training is experienced, trusted, caring, and a leading social company committed to training your dog skillfully. Our experts, Gabe and Maiah, are highly-trained, certified, and dog-loving people who enjoy working with dogs. Here, we treat dogs like family because they are.

We have a variety of packages lined up for you and your dogs. 
They include:

Board and train

This is where you leave your dog with us for some time, roughly six months or more, to enable us to train your dog on full board. This method is most useful for teaching a new behavior or correcting many behavior problems. We also love to teach skills like foundational obedience, house manners, and leash walking in a board and train setting. 
We then give you the skills to transfer the learned skills in your dog into your home environment.

Puppy training

This is essential for starting your puppy on the right foot. It involves crate training and creating a routine for your puppy. The dog is taught how to interact with people in the family. It is also taught on the dos and don’ts to avoid unwanted behavior in the future.

Private training

This involves private training sessions in your house. Here, we allocate hours to come to train the dog in their comfort zone. This is mostly for those who want their dogs to be good.

We serve around Los Angeles, California, and the surrounding areas. We have offices in Beverly Hills, Thousand Oaks, Orange City, Pasadena, Malibu, Pacific Palisades, Century City, Westlake Village, Culver City, Irvine, and Porter Ranch.

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