Los Angeles Board and Train

Los Angeles board and train

Rated 5-Star by Customers, K9 Answers Dog Training Offers The Best Professional Board and Train for Dogs in Los Angeles, Orange County and Surrounding Areas.

$1,000 per week with a two-week minimum.

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The length of training required will be determined by the challenges you’re having with your dog.

The program will include;

  • E-collar
  • K9 Transitional leash or prong collar
  • One lesson per every two weeks of boarding

This is a perfect program for people who want their dog to learn while they are away or have a dog that is more challenging to teach. After signing up for our program your dog will be assigned to a trainer who you will be incontact with for updates.

With this option we will do all the initial teaching making it easier to practice once reunited with your dog. Your dog will learn obedience commands and proper manners including, but not limited to:

  • Yielding to leash pressure
  • Walking on leash
  • Stay commands “sit” and “down”
  • Waiting on a place bed
  • Threshold manners
  • Stop unwanted behaviors such as barking, mouthing, jumping, etc.
  • Crate training
  • E-collar conditioning
  • Accepting grooming
  • Muzzle conditioning
  • A form of enrichment; running, biking, skateboarding, treadmill, flirt pole, fetch, or tug.

Puppies are especially impressionable but your dog can be trained at any age. Although the longer a dog has to practice unwanted behaviors the longer it will take to correct.

Your dog will live with one of our trainers for the duration of their program and be treated like family. The location of your go home session will be determined based on your location in relation to your assigned trainer.

After your dog learns the commands we start practicing in public areas so your dog is prepared to listen in any environment. 

Your dog will be living with a trainer in their home environment which is much less stressful than a kennel. Your trainer will send updates of your dog’s progress via text. After the completion of your program we provide ongoing support if there are any questions.

We use a balanced approach when working with dogs but ultimately the effectiveness will be based on the consistency they receive after the program ends. 

We start to teach the commands with rewards, preferably using their regular food. Once they have a grasp on the concepts we start introducing the leash as guidance. Then we go through the steps of e-collar conditioning and start to proof their understanding of the commands. 

Once they have a solid understanding of our communication system we can start customizing the drills to target the specific challenges of each dog. At this point your dog will be in the maintenance phase, making practice much easier to maintain. 

They will get at least 45 minutes to 1 hour of exercise and multiple teaching sessions each day. When not supervised we utilize crates and kennels to keep the dogs safe. After being fulfilled they will have time to relax.

What’s expected after the program?

  • You must continue to fulfill your dog’s physical and mental needs.You will have to practice twice per day for 10-15 minutes to maintain the obedience skills. Although if there are behavioral problems more time may be needed and practice in the areas of concern will be required. Along with 45 minutes to a 1 hour of physical exercise per day. Continued use of the training collars and boundaries will need to be used until your dog is responding without reinforcement. Management tools such as a crate or kennel may be necessary when leaving your dog unsupervised. If your dog has displayed any aggressive tendencies use of a muzzle may be recommended.

What to bring?

  • Your dog’s food along with chews such as bully sticks, beef cheeks, marrow bones, etc. If your dog is picky please bring high value treats such as dehydrated raw or a full feed substitute food roll. Please notify us if your dog has any allergies or dietary restrictions.
  • Their favorite blanket or old clothing with a familiar scent. These items may not be returned.
  • Any medication (with pill pockets), wipes, or creams your dog may need.

We Offer Board and Train For The Following Areas: Los Angeles, Thousand Oaks, Orange County, Beverly Hills, Westlake Village, Pasadena, Porter ranch, Pacific palisades, Century city, Palos Verdes, Malibu, Culver City, Irvine, California. Also, we provide private dog training in Los Angeles California.

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