About Us


After working for a couple of different dog training businesses and kennels, Gabe decided to venture on his own and start K9 Answers. Gabe is an extremely hard worker and is continuously looking to improve – so when the opportunity came to start his own business, he took it and never looked back.  He has spent the last year and a half working to improve scheduling, our facility and our training methods to be as efficient and smoothly ran as possible.


Maiah grew up dreaming about working with animals. When she was ten years old, her family got an imported German Shepherd that went through an extensive board and train program. Being able to participate in his lessons and train with him regularly fostered a deep love and respect in her for working dogs. When she got her current dog, Oso, she was just as excited to work with him. Through Oso, she stumbled upon protection sports and competition obedience. By the time Oso was fifteen months old, she and Oso had completed a BH – the introductory obedience and temperament certification for the three phase sport of schutzhund, or IPO/IGP. Over the next year, Maiah put a BH on another German Shepherd, passed an IPO1 with Oso and is planning on entering him for his PDC in the next month.


As a kid Gabe always showed interest in training his pets. He took his American Bulldog, Sasha, to the local pet store group class. She was a bit too much for their training style, but he enjoyed learning. At seventeen, Gabe bought a German Shepherd and was interested in learning more about protection sports. Unfortunately, she wasn’t cut out for protection training, but he learned a lot working with her and trained her to herd sheep instead. Gabe also attended the Michael Elis School for Dog Trainers where he learned a lot about obedience training. In the last five years, he has spent countless hours learning from different high level competition trainers. Driven to improve his craft, Gabe is constantly trying to learn more and better himself as both a trainer and a student of the dogs themselves. Gabe has completed a BH with a client German Shepherd.